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FAQS by Driver

My Road Star

  • How to become a driver?

    Download the driver app on the IOS or android play store or visit our website and upload all required documents and we will contact you within 48 hours.

  • What are the required documents?

    You must be 21 years of age or older.

    Certificate of vehicle insurance.

    You must have at least one year of driving experience.

    You must be able to provide proof of insurance and car registration.

    You must have a valid Driver's license (in the case of a Provider, you will need to provide your Drivers License and/or your International Passport with a Visa and Travel Ticket or Proof of Travel or Voyage or Bill of Lading with Valid insurance coverage for shipment and invoice).

    You must have valid auto insurance that meets local jurisdiction liability requirements.

    You must have a car that meets RoadStar's requirements.

    You must meet all the other Federal, State, Local, and RoadStar requirements, which can be the found on RoadStar web with updates at intervals.

    You will have to pass a background and criminal check to become a Driver (or a Provider) on RoadStar.

    All Community members, including Shippers (Senders), are required to provide proof of identification, including document types like passport, national identity card or driver's license, and proof of address.

    Upload a photo of the selected document.

    Upload a photo of them holding the selected proof of identity.

    Vehicle Registration and Tag and Title in some cases.

  • Can I drive for another company?

    Yes you can drive for another company. My RoadStar doesn’t limit your ability to earn an extra income elsewhere.

  • Can I drive whenever I want?

    Yes, you can with My RoadStar you choose your hours of work you are your own boss.

  • Can I pickup other passengers while on a trip?

    This is prohibited as only packages are allowed on board Roadstar registered vehicles. Passenger pickup will lead to immediate account termination and permanent disbandment.

  • How old do I have to be to drive?

    To be a driver you must be 21 years and older.

  • Is there and age limit for my car?

    All vehicles have to be 12 years old or newer.

  • Do I have to pay a commission?

    Yes you do have to pay a commission presently the rate of commission that we charged is 25% of whatever the driver earns.

  • I was involve in an accident while on a trip what do I do?

    Check and verify that all packages are safe.

    Contact the emergency services if necessary.

    Contact My RoadStar operation center immediately by phone call to the call center at +1 (800) 672-7316.

  • I found an item in my car what am I supposed to do?

    Please secure the item and inform My RoadStar support team immediately. We will make contact with the sender or receiver of the package to arrange a mutual meeting place for the rightful owner to pickup the package. A government issued ID will be needed to receive the package from our team.

  • Sender failed to pay. What can I do?

    Payments are only made and accepted through credit or debit cards on the Roadstar app.

  • Sender cancelled in the middle of the trip. What should I do?

    My RoadStar allows every passenger the right to cancel a trip at any given time. But outright cancellation will be accessed a cancellation fee. The amount accessed will depend on the overall nature of the trip, and will be automatically calculated and charged against the debit or credit card on file.


FAQS by Sender

My Road Star

  • How do I book a ride?

    Open the My Road Star app.

    Enter your pickup destination in the “Pickup” box. The app will also use your phone’s GPS to automatically prefill your pick up location.

    Enter your desired destination in the “Drop off” box.

    Choose your vehicle of choice.

    Press the confirm button.

    Give details of the package to be delivered as an added note to aid the driver.

    Your ride is booked, your request is being sent to the nearest driver.

  • What is your fare?

    Fares may vary based on vehicle selection to get an exact breakdown of your fare. please go to the rate card within your app and choose your vehicle to view your fare.

  • Is there a cancellation fee

    Yes there is, please refer to our cancellation policy to get full details.

  • Can I pay with credit card?

    Yes you can, we accept both visa and MasterCard.

  • How does the wallet feature work?

    Our wallet feature allows you to safely transfer money from your credit card unto our wallet which allows for cashless payments no need for cash or credit card only you mobile phone is required.

  • Can I book a ride for later or next week?

    Yes you can. My RoadStar allows you to book a trip for now, later in the day or at a future date (Schedule a trip).

  • Can I tip my driver?

    Yes you can tip your driver in the app. But remember tipping is not mandatory. I simply shows appreciation for the driver by the receiver of sender.

  • Can I book a trip with multiple stops?

    No this option is presently unavailable but we intend to implement such at a later date.

  • What areas do My Road Star operate?

    My RoadStar provides its services to all areas but this is based on driver availability and booking time in a given location.

  • What countries do I use My Road Star to deliver parcels?

    My RoadStar provides its services to all countries as long as there is internet availability.

  • Why is it important to give feedback?

    Feedback allows for better quality of service. Your feedback matters to us and we are constantly and consistently working to provide the best possible service available.

  • Can I request the same driver that delivers my last parcel?

    No, our platform can only match you with the nearest driver to your location and not to a specific driver.