Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates

The health and safety of the My Road Star community is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID‐19) situation and are taking steps to help keep those that rely on our platform safe.

What is Road Star?

The advent of online service platforms and mobile smartphone apps have led to increased fast delivery tasks like the speed of light in real time.

In this case, shippers send requests on Roadstar App, and drivers accepts the request to make delivery along their usual route. Another example is that a driver picks up parcels from a retail store, warehouse or dedicated pickup location, and deliver them to customer locations on their way home or on their way to work, without altering their normal route. This means that RoadStar provides Route Efficiency.

We do not only focus on local, domestic, long distance shipping, but we also offer delivery services to international routes, not only by road, but by flights and ocean delivery services through RoadStar groundbreaking Crowdshipping platform.

The platform is unique because it allows everyone and anyone to unleash the power of crowd participation in local and international package delivery. By doing so it offers multiple opportunities to platform users increase efficiency, save costs, and retain revenue for businesses.

Simply put this is package delivery on steroids.

At its core, the crowdsourced delivery resolves the pickup and delivery problem, that aims to transport goods from origins to destinations at minimum costs.


To provide transportation services to the public that is affordable, safe and consistent. We aim to be the solution and choice for consumers in an industry that is lacking innovation and often plagued by high prices that puts the customer at a disadvantage.


My Road Star is a transportation network company, sometimes known as a mobility service provider (MSP), we provide a variety of services ranging from Airport transfers, Chartered Maxi services and Taxis through our free user friendly Ride sharing app.

The My Road Star Experience

We at My Road Star have taken on the responsibility, challenged and task of providing services that is affordable, easy to use, hassle free and that utilizes conventional and modern technology. All of our services can be easily access by means of website, call centre or mobile app and we can also be reached at night or day by phone, email, Whatsapp, Facebook and even Instagram.

A Safer Community

We believe you deserve a safe transportation service, safe enough for us to trust our own mothers, sisters, children and loved ones to use. So we have created guidelines that protect and help passenger and drivers enjoy a safe comfortable ride experience. Any person who doesn’t follow these guidelines may be at risk of being removed from our service for the safety of the My Road Star community.