Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates

The health and safety of the My Road Star community is always our priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID‐19) situation and are taking steps to help keep those that rely on our platform safe.

FAQS by Driver

Download the driver app on the IOS or android play store or visit our website and upload all required documents and we will contact you within 48 hours

Valid driver’s permit
Certificate of vehicle insurance
Certify copy of vehicle
Proof of Inspection for vehicle
Letter of authorization (If vehicle is not registered in your name) to be submitted in person at our office. Letter must be accompanied with copy of authorizer ID
Certificate of character no older than 6 months

Generally it takes no longer than 48 hours to have your documents verified

Yes you can drive for another company My Road Star doesn’t limit your ability to earn an extra income elsewhere

Yes you can with My Road Star you choose your hours of work you are your own boss

Under no circumstances this is permitted only booking passengers is allowed on accepted trips

To be a driver you must be 21 years and older

We do not accept vehicles which manufacture date is older than 2014

Yes you do have to pay a commission presently the rate of commission that we charged is 25% of whatever the driver earns. Commissions can be paid to any FCB Bank via deposit to account number 2559217

Commissions must be paid every Monday of each week, failure to do so may result in your account being deactivated if you have any problems please free to contact the office for any assistance

Check and verify that all passengers are safe
Contact the emergency ambulance services if necessary
Contact My Road Star operation centre

Please secure such item and inform My Road Star dispatch operator we will make contact with passenger so that we can arrange a mutual meeting so that item can be handed over to passenger

Do not engage or confront passenger for payment, any such behavior may inflame or escalate such situation into a violent confrontation instead contact My Road Star dispatch centre and provide a report on the incident for investigation

My Road Star allows every passenger the right to cancel a trip at any given time but if such cancellation is found to be mischievous in nature this may result in the immediate suspension or deletion of passenger account

FAQS by Passengers

Open the My Road Star app
Enter your pickup destination in the “Pickup” box. The app may also use your phone’s GPS to automatically prefill your pick up location
Enter you desired destination in the “Drop off” box.
Choose your vehicle of choice
Press the confirm button.
Select number of passengers and include any notes to drivers
Your ride is booked your request is being sent to the nearest driver

Fares may vary base on vehicle selection to get an exact break down of your fare please go to rate card within your app and choose your vehicle to view your fare

Yes there is please refer to our cancellation policy to get full details

Yes you can we accept both visa and MasterCard

Our wallet feature allows you to safely transfer money from your credit card unto our wallet which allows for cashless payments no need for cash or credit card only you mobile phone is required

Yes you can My Road Star allows you to book a ride for now, later in the day or at a future date

When selected during an emergency an emergency alert is sent to our dispatch center for response. When this is done we shall immediately initiate contact with passenger if contact is not made the TTPS is contacted with relevant details

Yes you can but remember tipping is not mandatory it just shows appreciation for a job well done

No this option is presently unavailable but we intend to implement such at a later date

No our platform can only match you with the nearest driver to your location and not to a specific driver

My Road Star provide it services to all areas but this is base on driver availability and booking times

Feedback allows for better quality of service your feedback matters to us and we are constantly and consistently working to provide the best possible service available.