RoadStar is a crowd shipping delivery software application that delivers packages to customers' doors quickly.

Roadstar created a never seen before, super intelligent, groundbreaking system, by placing the three tiers of transportation at everyone’s fingertips on the Roadstar community.

This invention taps into a network of existing community members, local drivers, users (senders), air travelers, vehicle owners, and community members with excess capacity and availability to deliver packages.

This effort was inspired by the enormous potential that still exists in the share economy by helping to resolve the supply chain crisis and fulfillment logjam.

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Must have a passport valid, government issued ID, visa and verifiable ticket or proof of trip.

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Sea Delivery

With sea delivery, you no longer have to go door to door looking for who to share container freight with. You can simply find a like minded member here willing to tag team with you. Now let’s Rock n’ Roll.

Sea Delivery post available container availability here. Or you are simply a seafarer with room to take a package post it right here.

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Provider (container owner or seafarer) prices are set by provider and negotiated
and agreed between provider and user.

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Land Delivery

Start making Money by picking up deliveries on your way.

Trip charges are automatically calculated by our system for local deliveries.

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Social Economic and Cultural Impact of Roadstar

At its core the application resolves the problems faced by local businesses and consumers by easing package delivery challenges that currently exists in the fulfillment channels. By so doing, the explosion of financial spread effect it potentially unleashes takes the burden of unemployment struggles off the backs of drivers, providers and users. Consequently, the power of democratizing logistics frees up the huge pool of voluntary sleepy giants for the greater good of all.

The great power Roadstar unleashes aims to reduce carbon emissions associated with package deliveries with the help of everyone in the community. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutral practices that will produce a net zero amount of carbon dioxide. To get to this invaluable sustainable solution, we are exploring partnership potentials with carbon neutral stakeholders to achieve renewable energy friendly vehicles across delivery endeavors.


Become a Roadstar and How we protect our community

RoadStar App Provides lawful purposes for posting, pickup, receiving, and secure delivery of packages and loads. However, you must register and pass Roadstar background checks to be approved to join the community of delivery agents. Otherwise, you are not permitted to use the RoadStar web service or mobile app. All members of the Community, including users (senders), are required to present identification documentation, such as a passport, national identity card, or driver's license, as well as address verification. You must also adhere to any other Federal, State, Local, and RoadStar standards, which are available on the RoadStar Terms and Conditions.

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